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Project Description

Healing Salt Cave

Healing Salt Cave

Our Salt Cave is an Authentic Healing Salt Cave!

A Healing Salt Cave is a man-made re-creation of the environmental conditions found within a natural underground salt mine. It includes 12 tons of Polish pink salt, and a controlled climate induced through the use of iodine water cascades [maintaining humidity], and a cold air conditioner for temperature stability. This environment creates a micro-climate which induces true therapeutic properties; producing ideal atmospheric breathing conditions. Salt caves are a 100% natural and drug-free treatment.

A 45-minute session:

  • Adult – $35

  • Child* (age 9 — 17) – $20

  • Child* (age 0 — 8 with paying adult) – FREE

*Children’s sessions must be scheduled directly with staff at the Indianapolis Salt Cave to ensure these sessions are separate from all-adult sessions. Scheduling these sessions without consulting staff may result in a need to reschedule your session.
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